EDUCATIVE | Nigeria On A Steady Motion To Crash, Kill The Entrapped People Inside It -- Tony Nnadi

 Lord Frederick Lugard With Northern Nigeria Emirs In London, 1934 (Throwback Photo)

By Tony Nnadi

Unless we comprehensively redefine Nigeria itself, all other ad hoc patchworks to keep the rickety Union

 going will come to grief and probably impose blood costs on all. 


•Structure of Nigeria needs a Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Corruption needs Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Impunity needs a Marshall Plan and Emergency.

•Security needs Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Infrastructure needs Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Education needs Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Elections and Electoral Law needs Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Health Care needs Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Electricity needs Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Housing needs Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Roads need Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•The Justice System needs Marshall Plan and Emergency. 

•Nigeria’s Foreign Relations needs Marshall Plan and Emergency.

The list could go on and on ad infinitum.

Yet we cannot dress back from the commotion of the moment to realize that it is the the rickety House of Lugard itself that needs to be pulled down for reconstruction.

Every day, and at every turn, we find People who turn up to propose one new Marshall Plan for the cracked Walls, or leaking Roof, or the dangerous Electric Works, or the leaking Plumbing works, or the sinking Foundation, or the jaded Paints works. Every single day.
In the meantime, the Ruined House is steadily moving to where will come crashing down to kill the majority of those currently Entrapped inside it and even as that catastrophic certainty approaches, every day, some occupants of the House die from one accident or the other arising from the dilapidation of the House. 

•Either Boko Haram has wiped out a whole community, or 

•Elections have turned bloody, or the failure Electricity has collapsed an Investment plunging the investors and a chain of others into debt, heart failure and death, or 

Accidents have happened on the death traps we call roads, killing many passengers , or
•Young people fleeing the Burning House of Lugard have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.
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Amidst all these, May 29, 2019 will come and many who should be mourning in sackcloths will, like a People under spell, troop out to cheer on those who will mount the Podiums across the length and breath of Nigeria to SWEAR TO DEFEND AND UPHOLD THE MASTER-SERVANT 1999 CONSTITUTION FROM WHICH THE MISERIES OF THE CHEERING CROWDS FLOW.
Let us continue in our Folly but the Good Book already passed a Judgement on those who choose the path we have chosen as a People. If you doubt me, go and read in full the Book of Ecclesiastics.
Those who wish to join the urgent task of demolishing the dangerously rickety House of Lugard for wholesale Reconstructing should:
Phone: +234-810-056-9448 (WhatsApp)
Facebook:Lower Niger Congress
YouTube: Lower Niger Congress
Tony Nnadi
March 11, 2019.
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